Emergency repairs and maintenance in health facilities in Limpopo
Emergency repairs and maintenance in health facilities in Limpopo


The Limpopo Department of Health (LDoH) appointed the DBSA as an implementing agent for emergency work in 42 health facilities in Limpopo. The MOA was signed in November 2014 and it was expected that IDD send contractors for emergency repairs by the beginning of December 2014. With limited time to deliver and also taking into consideration the life threatening environment of the hospitals, IDD couldn’t afford delays in executing the programme. What worked for the IDD was the availability of an approved panel of contractors that the division had put in place during the year. The IDD utilised an existing partnership to immediately dispatch a team of engineers to assess, verify and quantify the scope in the identified hospitals. Within a week we were able to appoint management contractors. The IDD team was able to create the bill of quantities to allow us to manage the cost and programme activities efficiently. There were some negotiations that were finalised in areas where the costs were higher than planned.

The team grouped the management contractors per district to allow for better response and management of project sites within close proximity. Contractors successfully resourced their teams to ensure that all project sites are fully resourced at any point in time.
Having had experience in the schools building programme, IDD was able to facilitate the supply of equipment giving assurance that once goods are delivered, IDD would pay within 14 days. Suppliers had to fast-track the delivery of long lead items. IDD had to facilitate regular meetings with the management contractors, the client and the receiving hospital management. This assisted in issues being addressed without delay and clear communication lines defined among all parties involved (especially health facilities representatives). All completed tasks had to be signed off by the CEO of the hospital or health facility which gave us assurance that the project has been delivered within expected quality.
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