DBSA and ENH join forces to grow the region’s new gas market
DBSA and ENH join forces to grow the region’s new gas market


DBSA and ENH join forces to grow the region’s new gas market

​The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources for Mozambique, His Excellency Ernesto Max and the Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, His Excellency Augusto de Sousa Fernando are expected to attend. The working dinner will take place in Maputo, on the sidelines of the Mozambique Gas Summit.

“We look forward  to close  cooperation between the DBSA and ENH  to ensure a coordinated and inclusive approach in unlocking the anticipated development impact of the new gas finds,” said Omar Mitha, CEO and Chairman, ENH. 
“Successful countries have leveraged strategic public sector partnerships to attract significant investment into different sectors,” said Davies Pwele, Head of SADC at the DBSA.  “When markets believe that regional public entities are working together and cooperating, they are more likely to invest,” he added.

The DBSA was instrumental in the design, conceptualisation and early stage funding of South Africa’s renewable energy programme which  has facilitated about R200-billion of private electricity investment in the country since 2011.



Note to Editors:

About ENH
ENH is a Mozambican government-owned holding company that is responsible for the research, exploration, production, refining, transportation, storage, and marketing of hydrocarbons and its derivatives in and out of Mozambique. ENH has commercial interests along the entire gas value chain through a number of subsidiaries.

About the DBSA
The Bank is a government-owned development finance institution, delivering developmental infrastructure in South Africa and the rest of the African continent.  The DBSA operates across the entire infrastructure value chain which includes identifying, preparing and co-financing the development of infrastructure related initiatives in the Energy, Transport, Water and ICT sectors. The DBSA has total assets of U$D 9. billion as of October 2019. Around 79% of DBSA's loans to date are concentrated in South Africa. The remainder is exposed to the wider Sub-Saharan Africa region, particularly in Mozambique, Zambia, Angola, Zimbabwe, and Ghana.

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