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Project Preparation


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The demand for infrastructure development in Africa is extensive and one of the key bottlenecks is the development and preparation of bankable projects. In addition, the planning and delivery of large infrastructure projects is complex and fraught with risk.
Hence, many projects fail or are implemented with budget and timeline overruns. Over time, many DFIs have tried to fill the space where government capacity is low and risk is high. Although this landscape is evolving and expanding, current DFIs in Africa have not proven a large scale successful model.
This need and these challenges translate into an opportunity for the DBSA to create a high-skill, scaled-up, end-to-end project development and preparation business that de-risks projects and delivers project concepts to bankability.


Support the de-risking of infrastructure project and deliver project concepts to bankability.

Major services

·        Project identification
·        Feasibility assessment
·        Technical assistance
·        Financial structuring
·        Managing project preparation funds
·        Security as mandated lead arranger role for DBSA

For more about funding for project preparation, please see Fund Management Services


Project Preparation
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Green Fund
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SADC Project Preparation and Development Facility (SADC PPDF)
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Infrastructure Investment Programme for South Africa (IIPSA)
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DBSA Project Preparation Fund
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Green Climate Fund (GCF)
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Global Environment Facility (GEF)
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