RFP 053/2020
RFP 053/2020


​RFP 053/2020: Construction of the Proposed Steel Pedestrian Bridge over Uhlanjana River near Madonela Clinic in KZN Province

Compulsory Briefing session: 14 July 2020, via Microsoft teams
Closing Date: 29 July 2020 at 11h00
NOTE: Specific reference to be made to Tender Volume 1, page 11



RFP053.2020_ Excel BOQ.xls
RFP053.2020_ Pdf BOQ.pdf
RFP053.2020_Annexure A1 Health and Safety Baseline Spec.pdf
RFP053.2020_Annexure A2 S030W-37-HSS-0001-  COVID-19  Health and Safety Baseline Specification Amendment.pdf
RFP053.2020_Annexure B1 S34-BRA-0001 Rev 00 -Baseline Risk Assessment.pdf
RFP053.2020_Annexure B2 S34-BRA-0001 Rev 00 - COVID-19 Baseline Risk Assessment Amendment.pdf
RFP053.2020_Annexure D Uhlanjana Pedestrian Bridge EMPr.pdf
RFP053.2020_Geotechnical Report - C4.2.pdf
RFP053.2020_Pedestrian Bridge Drawing.pdf
RFP053.2020_Volume 1 of 3_Cover and Tender Procedures.pdf
RFP053.2020_Volume 2 of 3_Tender Returnables.pdf
RFP053.2020_Volume 3 of 3_ The Contract.pdf
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