Funding Criteria and Policy Requirements
Funding Criteria and Policy Requirements


Funding Criteria

Funding resources from the GEF are allocated to South Africa through the System for Transparent Allocation of Resources and utilised through the GEF National Focal Point, the Department of Environmental Affairs. The Department has the responsibility to ensure that these resources are utilised for funding projects/programmes that are in line with national strategic priorities. The Department further programmes GEF allocated resources through a transparent approach, involving all stakeholders. The DBSA, in line with its comparative advantage as a GEF agency, is responsible for the preparation and management of GEF funded projects. DBSA is also responsible to the GEF Council for use of GEF resources and activities carried out therewith.
To be considered for funding, a project proposal has to fulfill the following criteria:
  • It is undertaken in South Africa as a GEF funding eligible country.  The project also has to be consistent with national priorities and programs. To this effect, projects are endorsed by the country’s GEF Operational Focal Point (OFP), the Department of Environmental Affairs.
  • It addresses one or more of the following GEF Focal Areas (and cross-cutting issues and programmes), improving the global environment or advance the prospect of reducing risks to it:
-        Biodiversity
-        Climate Change (Mitigation and Adaptation)
-        Chemicals
-        International Waters
-        Land Degradation
-        Sustainable Forest Management / REDD+
-        Ozone Layer Depletion
  • It is consistent with the GEF strategy
  • It seeks GEF financing only for the agreed-on incremental costs on measures to achieve global environmental benefits
  • It involves the public in project design and implementation.
  • It is endorsed by the government of South Africa.
  • It is co-funded

Policy Requirements

In addition to the GEF funding criteria, projects should align to the DBSA’s fiduciary, social and environmental safeguard standards requirements - DBSA Publications (Environmental Appraisal Documents).
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