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Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria
Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria


Eligibility Criteria and Sectors

Eligibility Criteria

 Each application will undergo an initial screening to assess suitability in terms of the IIPSA objectives. All applications will be subjected to the following criteria which they must meet:

a) Sector or Strategic Fit:

Project is within the priority sectors considered by the IIPSA such as Water and Sanitation, Energy, Transport and Logistics, ICT and Social Infrastructure

b) Development Impact:

The project improves the quality of life of its citizens through the improvement in roads and reduced travel times, clean water and less contamination, reliable energy supply, reliable telecommunication technology and creation of jobs.

c) National/ Regional Priority: 

The highest decision-making authority is in support of the project and the project should be on the National Development Plan in South Africa, or the Regional Infrastructure Development Master Plan in SADC or the PIDA list in the rest of the continent.

d) Institutional Capacity

The project should currently have capacity or should have credible plans to add capacity towards management and project implementation.

e) Project Size:

The IIPSA will in principle consider projects or programmes with a minimum capital investment value of R500 million or equivalent in USD/Euro in South Africa and the SADC region respectively.  If duly justified, projects with a smaller investment value will also be considered, notably if packaging of several projects as a programme is feasible.

Additional Priority Criteria

It is important to note that applications will also be prioritised against certain additional priority criteria such as:
• Enhancement of regional integration.
• Support to reduction of inequalities in South Africa or in the SADC Region,
• Improvement of local development capacities and increased access to services.
• Support to the development of the local labour market and improved opportunities for employment and skills development.
• Promotion of sustainable socio-economic development, with a particular focus on pro-poor growth.
• Support to environmental measures.
• Leverage of important sectoral reforms in South Africa in accordance with SA-EU priorities for cooperation as well as in the SADC region.
• Donor harmonisation and alignment and complementarity of investments at national and regional level;
• Support to higher risk activities for which access to finance is limited.

Eligible Sectors

IIPSA will finance infrastructure projects in the following sectors:

a. Energy infrastructure, notably with the following expected results:

I. Increased production of renewable energy.
II. Improved electricity transmission network and interconnections.
III. Improved safety and security of energy infrastructure.
IV. Improved energy efficiency and energy savings.

b. Transport infrastructure, notably with the following expected results:

i. Improved rail infrastructure.
ii. Improved ports infrastructure.
iii. Better (cleaner, faster, cheaper and safer) transport infrastructure, providing better modal balance and promoting social cohesion and sustainable growth.

c. Water and environment, notably with the following expected results:

I. Improved water resources management, including necessary related infrastructure.
II. Enhanced water management capacity.
III. Improved maintenance of water and waste-water infrastructure particularly at municipal level.
IV. Promotion of low carbon and cleaner industrial production, including promotion of innovative and environmental friendly technologies.
V. Promotion of climate change adaptation technologies, including necessary related infrastructure.
VI. Promotion of integrated waste management (household, municipal, industrial and mining wastes) including necessary related infrastructure.

d.  ICT infrastructure, notably with the following expected results:

I. Enhanced network coverage.
II. Faster internet connectivity.

e. Social infrastructure, notably with the following expected results

I. Better access to health care and improved health services in urban and rural areas.
II. Better education facilities, increased access to education in urban and rural areas.
III. Improved vocational training facilities.
IV. Improved housing.
V. Public buildings and spaces.

Institutional Arrangement

At the time of application, applicants need to ensure the following (where applicable):
a)  Registered legal entity or identifiable natural persons (evidence to be attached).
b)  Established bank account at a registered South African financial institution (evidence to be uploaded).
c)  Tax clearance certificate (evidence to be attached).
d)  No adverse audit findings or disclaimer of audit opinion in the last two years.
e)  Not barred from participating in government procurement.
f)   Not credit blacklisted through a default judgment or an un-rehabilitated insolvent.
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