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Attendance Registers and Submissions

Attendance Registers for 2020
Attendance Register: RFP013/2020 (1st)
Attendance Register: RFP013/2020 (2nd) 


Opening Registers for 2020
Tender Opening Register: RFP 192-199/2020 
Tender Opening Register: RFP 180-185/2020 
Tender Opening Register: RFP 169-179 and 186-191/2020 
Tender Opening Register: RFP 154-168/2020 
Tender Opening Register: RFP 153/2020 
Name of Bidders Submitted for: FSDOE Projects RFP 019,020,082 & 085 


List of Tender Submissions Received for 2020
November 2019 to January 2020 RFP011/2019, RFP026/2019, RFP040/2019, RFP068/2019, RFP070/2019, RFP072/2019, RFP075/2019, RFP085/2019, RFP086/2019, RFP097/2019, RFP112/2019, RFP115/2019, RFP120/2019, RFP124/2019, RFP130/2019, RFP131/2019, RFP154/2019, RFP162/2019, RFP169/2019, RFP175/2019, RFP180/2019, RFP240/2019


For earlier registers and submissions, please see the Archives