Procurement Archives

Awarded Tenders
Awarded Tenders: July to September 2019
Awarded Tenders: April to June 2019 
Awarded Tenders: Jan to March 2019
Awarded Tenders: 2018
Awarded Tenders: 2017 


Cancelled Tenders
Date RFX number
2019/10/07 RFQ 053/2019, RFQ 054/2019, RFQ 055/2019 and RFQ 056/2019
2019/08/28 RFP 347/2019
2019/02/18 RFP 099/2018
2019/02/18 RFP 302/2018
2019/01/24 RFP 348/2018


Attendance Registers
Attendance Register: RFP 259/2019 
Attendance Register: RFP 039/2020
Attendance Register: RFP 153/2019
Attendance Register: RFP 154/2019
Attendance Register: RFP 110/2019
Attendance Register: RFP 109/2019
Attendance Register: RFP 126/2018
Attendance Register: RFP 128/2018 


Opening Registers
Tender Opening Register: RFP 169/2019
Tender Opening Register: RFP 126/2018 (.xls)
Tender Opening Register: RFP 128/2018 (.xls)


  List of Tender Submissions Received
Received May to July 2019 RFP086/2019, RFP102/2019, RFP104/2019, RFP109/2019, RFP110/2019, RFP114/2019, RFP117/2019, RFP120/2019, RFP125/2019, RFP126/2019, RFP127/2019, RFP128/2019 and RFP129/2019
Received April to May 2019 RFP065/2018, RFP172/2018, RFP213/2018, RFP214/2018, RFP215/2018, RFP216/2018, RFP224/2018, RFP297/2018, RFP298/2018, RFP305/2018, RFP306/2018, RFP344/2018, RFP352/2018, RFP013/2019, RFP014/2019, RFP015/2019, RFP027/2019, RFP029/2019, RFP030/2019, RFP031/2019, RFP032/2019, RFP033/2019, RFP034/2019, RFP048/2019, RFP049/2019, RFP068/2019, RFP070/2019, RFP072/2019, RFP075/2019 and RFP085/2019
Received January 2019  RFP271/2017, RFP125/2018, RFP258/2018, RFP279/2018, RFP280/2018, RFP281/2018, RFP308/2018 and RFP245/2018
Received December 2018 RFP121/2018, RFP242/2018, RFP243/2018, RFP244/2018 and RFP259/2018
Received October 2018 RFP132/2017, RFP133/2017, RFP015/2018, RFP025/2018, RFP030/2018, RFP046/2018, RFP049/2018, RFP050/2018, RFP060/2018, RFP061/2018, RFP066/2018, RFP071/2018, RFP072/2018, RFP073/2018, RFP091/2018, RFP098/2018, RFP108/2018, RFP109/2018, RFP123/2018, RFP129/2018, RFP130/2018, RFP131/2018, RFP162/2018, RFP165/2018, RFP176/2018, RFP193/2018, RFP194/2018, RFP197/2018, RFP198/2018 and RFP199/2018