Development Impact
Development Impact

The DBSA has a strong record of supporting the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region’s transformation. Through our portfolio of lending operations as well as project implementation and programme management support activities, we are promoting growth which is both inclusive and sustainable in nature. Measuring overall contribution to the region’s development is a challenging and complex undertaking. The DBSA is just one of many players promoting development, alongside other government agencies, development partners, companies and civil society organisations. In this context, it is difficult to attribute overall development results to the work of a single organisation. We therefore assess our results by building a picture of our support from a project level.
During the year, we supported various municipalities with planning and implementation support. 70 projects were completed in the electricity, water, sanitation, roads and storm water sectors. An estimated 63 242 households are expected to benefit whilst 5 240 jobs were created. Through our funding activities an estimated 638 000 (2015: 289 000) households stand to benefit from new or upgraded infrastructure.
We also contributed to the country and region’s need for energy generation capacity, including renewables, student accommodation, and the construction of schools, houses and maintenance of health clinics. 
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