Building Africa’s Prosperity
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Building Africa’s Prosperity

Welcome to the Development Bank of Southern Africa

The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) was established in 1983 to perform a broad economic development function within the homeland constitutional dispensation that prevailed at the time.
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What's New at DBSA


DBSA Project Preparation
The DBSA has made funding available for project preparation in the following sectors:
• Transport: including road, bridges, air, shipping, rail, ports, and border posts
• Energy: including generation, transmission and distribution
• Information and Communication Technologies
• Water and Sanitation. 

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The PACBP is a partnership initiative of the DBSA and the the IDC. The partnership initiative was initiated in 2008, and operations..

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DBSA – USTDA Infrastructure Cooperation
The cooperation agreement between the DBSA and U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) allows for the acceleration of large scale infrastructure projects in the power, transport and ICT sectors across Sub Saharan Africa through project preparation grant/capital funding and other funding mechanisms.

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Infrastructure Investment Programme for South Africa
The main purpose of the IIPSA funding is to enhance sustainable economic growth and the delivery of key services affecting development in South Africa and in the SADC Region.

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This unique national fund was established in 2012 to support green initiatives that contribute towards the transition of South Africa to a low carbon economy, resource efficient and climate resilient development pathway, delivering high impact economic, environmental and social benefits.
Request for Proposals: 05 March to 05 April 2018.
 Project Preparation & Development Facility
PPDF is financed by the European Union and KFW. The aim of the PPDF is to assist SADC to address the implementation of the SADC Regional Infrastructure Development Master Plan.

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Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Accreditation of the DBSA as a GEF agency has placed the DBSA at the global arena in terms of providing financial assistance to environment and climate change projects..

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​Stimulating Rural Economies

The DBSA has partnered with SA Inc to share stories of positive progress across the country.

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