Our Strategy

Infrastructure is critical in unlocking inclusive economic growth for the emerging economies within the continent. It is also pivotal to achieving the sustainable development goals which aim to reduce unemployment, poverty and inequality, address climate change and ensure prosperity for countries and all citizens who live in them.

As one of the leading Development Finance Institutions in Africa, we consistently commit ourselves to drive efforts which accelerate inclusive development on the African continent by expanding access to development finance. Acquired finance is used to implement integrated and sustainable infrastructure developments more effectively. To ensure that we achieve this goal, we have adopted a strategy that prioritises financial sustainability and strong governance, while accelerating and enhancing development impact. Our intent is to mobilise infrastructure development with the purpose of delivering socio-economic growth that is shared and equitable for African countries. At the core of our strategy lies a programmatic approach, which allows us to solve pressing socio-economic challenges at scale and push the implementation in accordance with the government’s policies and procedures.

Through our strategy, we are able to shape the infrastructure investment market using three main steps; conceptualising, catalysing and implementing.


In our quest to bridge the infrastructure gap, we identify development opportunities and formulate programmes aimed at driving projects that will deliver relevant infrastructure. We prioritise projects that will achieve a meaningful, wide-reaching development impact in the continent at large. Our role as a development finance institution provides us with the prerogative to crowd-in the public and private stakeholders available at our disposal to develop infrastructure projects, address backlogs and implement policy priorities.


Access to investment resources puts us in a favourable position to play a catalytic role between African governments, the private sector and fellow local and international development institutions. We aim to collectively drive the acceleration of infrastructure development and service delivery through the mobilisation of funds.

We use our balance sheet to enhance the creditworthiness and sustainability of a project to attract and crowd-in other funders. Therefore, developing mutually beneficial partnerships is an essential part of our strategy as it enables us to create value at a far greater scale and helps us build innovative catalytic mechanisms that stimulate economic growth and have a material impact on GDP growth. Having these partnerships gives us the leverage we need to reach earlier financial close on infrastructure projects. They also provide us with the ability to seek grant capital, develop innovative products, and enhance due diligence and governance on projects to deliver both financial and environmental sustainability to our investments.


We also focus on the implementation of key priority projects to deliver tangible solutions that are aligned with our purpose as a development institution. We expand the state’s capacity to effectively execute large scale infrastructure development initiatives. Our strategy ensures that we don’t overly strain our operational capacity and thus, have sufficient resources to implement sustainable infrastructure projects as well as to perform the maintenance necessary after the development.