Our Development Position

Our purpose is to ‘Build Africa’s Prosperity’ by driving inclusive growth and finding innovative solutions that spur socio-economic development across the African continent. Underpinning this purpose is our  Development Position, which outlines the ethos of the DBSA and forms the departure point from which we deliver on our mandate.

Our focus is on driving sustainability through innovative solutioning and remaining financially sustainable while accelerating development outcomes. Our development position is critical to the DBSA’s long-term trajectory and defines the boundaries of our direction on development and development impact. Our  development position is reflected as follows:

The DBSA contributes to a Just Transition toward a renewed and inclusive economy, and society that embodies resilience, regeneration, and transcends current trajectories. As a sanctuary for development practitioners, the DBSA holds this to be the transformative change needed to realise a prosperous, integrated and resource efficient continent. This stance progressively advances the common goals for sustainable and equitable wellbeing. The DBSA will work in partnerships to co-produce impactful development solutions and the sustained platforms of an enabling environment for participation, a sense of purpose, empowerment and deep connections. The DBSA will bend the arc of history through our continued multifaceted investments in sustainable infrastructure and human capacity development.