About Us
About Us


​DBSA as an organisation

The DBSA seeks to play a pivotal role in delivering developmental infrastructure in South Africa and the rest of the African continent.


Vision:      A prosperous and integrated resource efficient region, progressively free of poverty and dependency 


Mission:     To advance the development impact in the region by expanding access to development finance and effectively integrating and implementing sustainable development solutions to:

  • Improve the quality of life of people through the development of social infrastructure
  • Support economic growth through the investment in economic infrastructure 
  • Support regional integration
  • Promote sustainable use of scarce resource



  • High performance: we are enabled, empowered and inspired to deliver consistent quality, effective and efficient results we are accountable and rewarded for
  • Shared vision: we share and keep the sustainability, strategic intent and mandate of the DBSA top of mind in all our decisions and actions
  • Integrity: our deals, interactions and actions are proof of transparent and ethical behaviour that show respect and care for all our people (employees, stakeholders, shareholders, clients, communities)
  • Innovation: we challenge ourselves continuously to improve what we do, how we do it and how well we work together
  • Service orientation: we deliver responsive & quality service that speaks to the need of our clients and continuously build relationships that result in win-win outcomes


Strategic objectives

The DBSA has refined its strategic objectives to support its transformation journey and have defined the following three key strategic objectives:

  • Sustained growth in developmental impact: Grow each of our businesses aggressively to maximise developmental impact.
  • Integrated infrastructure solutions provider: Provide integrated infrastructure solutions, across the value chain and be the partner of choice for infrastructure solutions.
  • Financial sustainability: Maintain profitability and operational efficiency to enable growth in equity and fund developmental activities.


Priority markets and activities  

DBSA primarily plays a key role in the preparation, funding and building phases of the infrastructure development value chain. The diagram below illustrates the various services as well as the key targets markets per value chain segments.

DBSA role in the infrastructure value chain 

·        Project identification
·        Feasibility assessments
·        Technical assistance
·        Financial structuring
·        Project Preparation funds
·        Lead arranger
Provide vanilla and boutique financing opportunities
·        Debt
·        Mezzanine finance
·        Limited non–recourse lending
·        Managing the design and construction of key projects in the education, health and housing sectors
·        Project Management support, including to the Green Fund
·        Supporting the maintenance and/or improvement of key infrastructure projects
Client / markets
Under-resourced municipalities
·        Municipalities
·        Public-private partnerships
·        Public-public partnerships
·        Regional integration
South Africa
·        Municipalities
·         State–Owned Enterprises
·         Public-Private Partnerships
·         Public-Public Partnerships
·         Private sector
 The rest of Africa
·         State-Owned Enterprises
·         Public–Private Partnerships
·        National and provincial government departments
·        Municipalities
·        National and provincial government departments
·        Municipalities




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