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Financing: South Africa
Financing: South Africa


Infrastructure Finance in South Africa

The DBSA currently focuses on large scale infrastructure projects within the private and public sector. Our primary sectors are water, energy, transport and ICT.   

  • Municipal market  
    Municipalities play an important role in the provision of basic services to the country’s citizens and businesses as a whole. The need to improve and increase infrastructure in municipalities is therefore of critical importance as the demand on existing and new infrastructure is expected to rise with more people migrating to larger cities and towns in search of employment opportunities, and expansion of businesses that utilise the current existing infrastructure in their daily operations.

    Municipalities in South Africa are a key market for the Bank and the organisation has built extensive expertise and product offering in servicing this important market as a catalyst for socio-economic development within municipalities.

  • Other social infrastructure (non-municipal)  
    Other public entities, excluding municipalities and SOCs, provide various opportunities for infrastructure financing especially within the water boards, student accommodation and university infrastructure markets.

  • Economic infrastructure  
    Development is multi-sectoral in nature and an integrated approach is required to maximise the impact of investments. Investment in social infrastructure, such as health, housing and education, should be supported by investment in bulk enabling infrastructure such as energy, water and transport to stimulate economic growth and job creation.

    Given the current energy supply constraints, a key focus area for the Bank is the continued support for energy generation capacity, including renewable energy, as well as coal and gas-fired power sources in the country.



Support the South African infrastructure development agenda, including financing and non-financing services support for the municipal sector and project financing of large scale infrastructure projects and programmes.


Major services

·        Provide conventional and boutique financing service:
§  Debt
§  Mezzanine finance
§  Limited non-recourse lending
·        Support selected municipalities with planning and implementation services. In certain instances concessionary lending can be provided



Financing: South Africa
Contact People
Infrastructure finance for metros, intermediate cities and water boards
Tshepo Ntsimane
Emily Mulaudzi (011 313 3525)
Infrastructure finance & capacity support for under-resourced municipalities
Chucheka Mhlongo
Gcinisile Mpungose (011 313 3049)
Sibongile Tantij (011 313 3628)
Infrastructure finance for transport, logistics and bulk water for SOE’s, Private and Public sector
Cyprian Marowa
Nadya Walduck (011 313 3329)
Infrastructure Finance for energy, environment and ICT for SOE’s, Private and Public sector
Lucy Chege
Mildred Mwasa (011 313 3464)





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