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Anti-corruption, fraud and scams
Anti-corruption, fraud and scams



The DBSA takes a strong stance against corruption, fraud and scams. Please be aware that there are individuals fraudulently using the identity and logo of the DBSA to solicit money from individuals by misleading them into thinking that they will receive funds from the DBSA.

The DBSA has received reports of members of the public receiving telephone calls or emails purportedly coming from DBSA Group Executives, promising funding if an upfront fee is paid. 

The DBSA is a development finance institution that finances and supports infrastructure in the energy, transport, water and telecommunications sectors, with a secondary focus on health and education. 
The DBSA does NOT
o request upfront fees or payments in the normal course of business
o do online banking
o issue beneficiary claims forms
o provide financing, grants, or award money to individuals
All official email communications from the DBSA use the domain name
If you receive a suspicious telephone call or email, please notify the DBSA at

Phishing and email scams

1. Phishers are targeting members of the public and companies by sending them e-mails, supposedly from DBSA employees regarding loan transfers and other DBSA related products.

2. These email scams try to steal your personal information by providing them with bank account details, ID numbers and/or detailed company information.  The e-mail scams further try to convince you to pay a service and/or handling fee before they release the loan funds into your bank account.

3. Remember that your DBSA bank representative will never request your private/company information online, by phone, by fax or requesting you to pay any service and/or handling fee.

4. The DBSA does not make use of agents to conduct business and  anyone that requires confirmation of the validity of a DBSA representative should contact

5. Be aware of emails asking for this information, even if the sender offers to deposit money into your account.

6. E-mail is NOT a secure way to share sensitive information.

Reporting Fraud

To report fraud, corruption or theft confidentially and securely, please click REPORT FRAUD
 or alternatively, you can use the following:
Toll Free Number:​ 0800 204 933​
Toll Free Fax:​ ​0800 212 689
​Freepost KZN 665
SMS: ​33490

Reporting Phishing or email scams

To report phishing or e-mail scams, or to validate an enquiry, please contact the DBSA at
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