DBSA and USTDA Infrastructure Cooperation Agreement
DBSA and USTDA Infrastructure Cooperation Agreement


The DBSA and U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) have increased cooperation efforts to accelerate large scale infrastructure projects across sub Saharan Africa.
The cooperation agreement allows for the acceleration of large scale infrastructure projects across Sub Saharan Africa. Large scale projects across the power, transport and ICT sectors will be prioritized towards bankability through project preparation grant/capital funding and other funding mechanisms such as:
·         Feasibility studies: USTDA-funded, U.S.-led feasibility studies will link African project sponsors with U.S. expertise at the critical early stages to provide the comprehensive analysis required for projects to reach bankable stage.
·         Pilot projects: These will be considered with the view of providing a base line and empirical data of projects which can be replicated across Sub Sahara Africa. The aim is to demonstrate the effectiveness of certain infrastructure solutions which may be applied in other parts of the region.  
·         Technical assistance: USTDA will provide funding towards technical assistance to support legal and regulatory reform, the establishment of industry standards and other capacity-building activities. These technical assistance programs help bridge gaps in the project development life cycle and accelerate projects through to bankability.
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