How improving road infrastructure in South Africa can help benefit the economy, society and health care

South Africa faces many challenges, particularly poverty, employment, and the urgent need for sustainable economic growth. To ensure economic growth, there needs to be adequate infrastructure, particularly road infrastructure. Roads play a crucial role in contributing to economic development as well as growth. More importantly, it also has several social benefits that help contribute and improve the quality of life for citizens. With developments to road infrastructure, the country can work towards improving employment, health care, society and the education system. 

The economy

Road infrastructure plays a critical role in South Africa's economy. It makes it possible to transport goods and services, but it also enables movement for people, enhancing productivity within the economy. People can seek employment without the obstacle of poor road infrastructure, a major problem in rural areas. Road infrastructure will aid in connecting the rural population to the economic mainstream. For example, this will help the agriculture industry trade more efficiently, help create more jobs, and improve people’s living conditions in South Africa. 

Social impact

Road quality plays a vital role in the community. It helps keep people connected to metropolitans, making it easier for people to commute to different areas. Road infrastructure is an effective way to improve road safety. It helps people by increasing access to jobs, schools, stores, and other recreational activities that improve quality of life. Lack of high-quality and safe roads impacts how people live their daily lives. For citizens who take public transportation in South Africa, it's already unsafe. By ensuring road infrastructure investment in South Africa, we’re one step closing to addressing the accidents on our roads. 

Health care system

The state of health infrastructure in South Africa has its share of challenges, particularly the unequal distribution of resources, increased disease burden, slow progress in restructuring the health care system and an increase in demand. However, this isn’t the only issue in rural communities. Many underdeveloped communities are far away from hospitals. A lack of adequate road infrastructure will affect mobility for medical staff, doctors, and patients seeking medical attention in rural, remote areas. With improved road infrastructure, patients can easily get the medical attention they need in time. It also helps doctors and medical staff travel to assist the people in need, especially when it comes to emergencies. This, in turn, will help reduce maternal mortality rates and deaths as there will be easy access to public hospitals in remote areas. 

DBSA’s role in infrastructure development

The opportunities for improved road infrastructure in South Africa prove that it has several benefits and ensures our people’s quality of life. However, for the country to fully develop, it needs sufficient and reliable road infrastructure that allows seamless distribution of goods and services. This also links people in rural and remote areas to metropolitans to ensure they can access opportunities for skills development and employment, health care, education, or recreational and social activities. Among other contributions to different sectors, the DBSA gathers funds, which are used to develop road infrastructure in the sub-Saharan African region. The Bank manages this through various programmes designed to cover infrastructure projects within the transport sector. These investments will help South Africa's public transport networks ensure citizens use a safe, efficient and green transport system. Our investments aim to find sustainable ways to develop this country while ensuring that we work to help people and their communities. 

Final thoughts

There are many factors impacting the South African economy and the quality of life for its citizens. Without infrastructure development in South Africa, these challenges will only worsen. It is up to us to help mobilise funds that will help make a better tomorrow for all. To work with us to improve road quality in South Africa, contact us today.