The Long-Term Benefits Of Promoting Green Transport Systems Funding

The overwhelming consensus of scientific opinion is that climate change in the form of global warming is real and driven by emissions of gases caused by human activity. Transport is one of the main contributors to climate change and affects many regions and countries, especially in Africa. However, sustainable development goals (driven by the UN) are designed to promote sustainable living in order to retain lives, save the environment and create better living conditions. There have been investments and funding around creating green transportation, and in this article, we will take a look at how green transport benefits the continent and the world at large. 


Transportation systems are important emitters of greenhouse gases, accounting for over 23% of global energy-related GHG emissions, with road vehicles accounting for around three-quarters of that total. Currently, petroleum, usage of automobiles, infrastructure for roads, bridges and trains, affect the environment and those who live in it in a major way. Funding for upgrading the transport sector into a more green and sustainable one will not only help the climate but also help retain the health of those who live in those environments. 

Green vehicles are supposed to have a lower impact on the climate; however, there may be issues in providing that for the many people who currently rely on “normal” vehicles. 


To create green transport opportunities and solutions, we will need to create the right infrastructure. Investing in the development of transportation will ripple into this sector, making it easily accessible for regions that are currently struggling with access to transport by giving them sustainable and affordable solutions through green transport. 

Employment and Economy 

Every type of transformation is an opportunity to build or create something new, or rebuild what is existing. This will require human resources, and investing in hiring the people around the regions we are trying to upgrade will not only help solve the unemployment crisis but change the course of the economy. It is important that we provide the regions that are mostly affected by climate change with not just healthy and sustainable living but also affordability. It is no secret that African countries have high unemployment rates, and these investments may not solve the whole problem, but they can make a difference. 

Who Is Responsible And What Do They Gain? 

When we create investment opportunities for African countries to be upgraded into developed countries and regions, we stand to increase GDP scores across the board. While the responsibilities are broad and rely on government, public and private sector companies, it is important to note that these are the kinds of investments that have great returns. When we invest in creating sustainable ways of living, we stand to have more than just infrastructure and human resources, but monetary resources as well because we will be at levels where we can collaborate, trade and create alliances with other developed countries. African countries also stand to create better economies for themselves without needing loans from other countries. 

Final Words 

As a development finance institution that believes in green transport infrastructure planning and implementation, our function within the transport sector is to pursue infrastructure investment for projects aimed at the development of bridges, roads, bus stations, railways, terminals, airports, seaports, border ports and more. We prioritise the development of sustainable public transport networks to ensure safe, efficient and green transport systems for all communities across Africa. Together we can create sustainable ways for Africans and the world to live.