Ways To Empower Our Youth to Ensure Africa's Ongoing Development

Africa is rich in culture and many other things, and youth in Africa are opening themselves up to the notion of change-making and revolution. This opens many empowerment opportunities for young people in Africa, and access to technological development seems to be the leading aspect that is helping the youth get there. In this article, we will look at how we can continue empowering African youth to help the development of the continent. 

Let The Tech Go On

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can be applauded for driving the world to a digital transformation at the time it was difficult to carry on with normal day-to-day living and functioning. One can argue that the IT sector has always been curious and wanting to bring about revolutionary change, with or without the pandemic. So, introducing IT to African youth was one of the best investments in the sector and economy. More and more African youth need to occupy IT spaces and create innovative ways to live. 

Essentially? Essential Workers 

One of the industries we need to invest in improving is the essential workers’ industry. This needs to start at the wage and remuneration level of these jobs as they are the ones that ensure all the developments (malls, hospitals, airports, etc.) function properly. Once we improve the state of working for these people, we can have better functioning infrastructures. Essential workers have proven their importance in the world during the Covid-19 pandemic, and this industry is dominated by young people, and these are the people we should be investing in upskilling and educating. 

Entrepreneurship Is Timeless 

The tech industry does not only offer opportunities for African youth to pursue fulfilling careers that change lives, but also to go after entrepreneurship opportunities presented by this industry. It is no secret that a lot of young African people are getting into the space where they use their skills to either open companies that will hire more African youth or invest in educating more young people to join the industry too. There is a lot of inspiration drawn from seeing African youth in leadership positions as it provides hope for the upcoming generations. Because more entrepreneurship in tech means everybody wins. 

Changing The Narrative, Shaping Lives

African countries have been pioneers for change due to seeking freedom and independence from colonisers and oppressors. Change in some of Africa’s belief systems has helped improve standards of living. For example, in South Africa, the women’s march on August 9, 1956, started the revolution for a hopeful future for women in South Africa. Since then, there has been a significant change in political structures and governance, with more women assuming leadership roles, and this has rippled onto other industries and sectors too. Today, gender equality and gender mainstreaming are among the things we are all working towards as more and more women get into roles that were initially designed to only suit men.

If we inspire the youth of today, there will need to be inclusivity across all sectors, and there must be welcoming of all people, including those of colour, the LGBTQ+ community and disabled people, for us to stand a better chance at a bright future and an even brighter economy. 

Manage Exploitations

Africa’s rich talents and resources have fallen victim to many mismanagement tactics. However, if we empower and raise a youth that is passionate and patriotic about their countries, we will have leaders that work for the people with the people. There must be accountability structures designed to ensure that future leaders adhere to rules of managing. Our resources are important to us, and we should work towards protecting them. 

Last But Not Least, Believe in African Youth

We can discuss the many ways we can help the African youth become thought leaders; however, we also have to lend them an ear and hear what they have to say. As a youth, they are also looking at the world in a futuristic way as this will be the world they live in, and therefore, what they think may be of importance matters. Many years ago, young people weren’t always given the platform to have a say in matters involving them, but that has since changed. Nowadays, we have youth empowerment projects that offer youth the space to express themselves. Now, all we must do is listen and act on these ideas. The DBSA is among the many institutions that help young people create a better world for all, and our projects and initiatives are driven by the need for a better tomorrow.