What Transport And Infrastructure Development Does For A Country's Economy

Transport and infrastructure are like the heart and veins of a country’s economy. This article will showcase the economic advantages of strengthening the heart and veins of our economy through innovative ways and solutions such as going green and investing in climate finance. Let’s take a look at how South Africa and other African countries can enter the sustainability era and create more opportunities for transformed institutions through safe, secure, and environmentally friendly solutions. 

From Small Steps To Giant Leaps 

The global shift towards a greener economy continues to be a priority to mitigate the risks of climate change and other environmentally threatening conditions. However, developing countries remain challenged by the lack of basic public infrastructure such as transportation infrastructure. In particular, green transportation infrastructure, which can ensure a sustainable future for all. However, development finance institutions such as DBSA are constantly working towards providing not just green transportation infrastructure development solutions but infrastructure funding as well. We believe if we can play a part in ensuring a sustainable future for those who need it, we will. 

The Biggest Factor: Public Transport 

It is no secret that a lot of South Africans rely on public transport for almost everything. With the idea of buying a vehicle taking longer than expected in some instances, a lot of South Africans and other neighbouring countries are trying to invest in good public transportation. However, the development of this isn’t so easy as some of the sectors in the public transport industry are run privately, such as the taxi industry, and others are run by public companies, like the railway industry. Both the private and public sectors of the transport industry have their own challenges, as well as share in the same general struggles. With the demand growing and resources for supplies narrowing, there is a need to invest more in the public transport sector. 

We can also start with the roads where these vehicles will travel and develop their infrastructure in order to encourage companies to start investing in quality transportation. At DBSA, we work towards providing funding as well as investment in transport and infrastructure development

Green Transportation 

A greener future for all is the ultimate dream, but everything starts somewhere, and green transportation infrastructure does not only help the environment. Adequate transport infrastructure, systems and networks offer access to basic services and goods. This increases connectivity and integration between rural, urban and international markets, which, in turn, improves economic activity. And as we’ve mentioned, this means more employment for more people. The DBSA follows a holistic approach to infrastructure development by addressing the entire infrastructure value chain and focusing on key long-term strategic interventions. Our offering spans planning, project preparation, financing, and implementation support for socio-economic infrastructure. 

In Conclusion 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and more and more development finance institutions are finding solutions to improve transport and infrastructure development to help the economy. One step at a time.