Why International Businesses Should Expand Into Africa

For a couple of years now, Africa has showcased that it is more than just a “jungle”. With Johannesburg housing the tallest skyscraper in the continent, Zimbabwe and Zambia carrying the most attractive waterfalls on their backs, and Cape Town having the 7th wonder of nature, to name a few, it is evident that Africa has way more to offer. But, how do we get international businesses to invest in this beautiful continent without exploiting and appropriating its resources and culture? This article will take a look at how we can market Africa to other countries and continents in an effort to grow our economy and people. 

A Connected World

African countries have their own way of doing business and managing resources. This means that international businesses can easily collaborate with us if they bring something that is innovative yet proven to work. With natural resources managed by government and private sectors investing in them, there is a system meant to ensure all goes well. Employing the right structures and collaborating with businesses abroad will be beneficial to Africa’s economy in the long run. What is great about the African continent is that business opportunities exist almost everywhere. 

Transportation Is Also Elevation

Transportation in South Africa and other neighbouring countries is paramount for the development of the country’s economy. More and more people rely on public transport, for businesses, as well as travel in and out of Africa. It is unavoidable that our railroads, tar roads, bus stations, airports and more, need to stay in tip-top shape as the transport industry is another important sector in Africa’s development. During the hard lockdown levels in places like South Africa, logistics businesses were given a leeway to continue to function under careful and supervised circumstances as the halting of those businesses cost the industry and those that benefit from it a lot. If we get more international businesses investing in the transport funding of African countries, we stand a better chance of being exposed to those international shores. 

Finally, The Digital World Is Here & Helping 

Thanks to the ever-evolving wonderful world of technology, Africa and its countries are no longer unreachable. More and more international businesses and investors are becoming aware of us. Our collaborations, from business to philanthropy, to IT and logistics, and more, help us with not only exposure to the international shores but also with offering us an opportunity to showcase Africa. However, because Africa is rich in culture, there is a fear that once we collaborate with international companies more, we will lose the roots that govern us. The solution is simple: introduce the education and understanding of Africa from an educational level so that those who will benefit from it know the backstory and understand how investing in this precious mine will help develop the countries, continent and world. At DBSA, we are passionate about funding and assisting African countries and their businesses in order to export them to international businesses and audiences. You can help by joining initiatives created to help promote Africa, using your own internet power to promote Africa, and so much more. Every bit of help counts in ensuring that this treasure is not only exposed and enjoyed but also gives back to its people.