Why South African Businesses Should Consider Going Digital

Business and entrepreneurship in South Africa have been at the hearts of many citizens. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic that has forced many people to consider entrepreneurship, our businesses have been working to create jobs, alleviate poverty and strengthen the economy of our country. But, what can businesses do today to stay relevant and afloat? Many experts recommend giving the digital world a spin and migrating to this tech life as that is where most of our consumers exist. 

First, Existing Online Helps 

According to experts, the journey of digital transformation starts with creating your own online identity. This is creating a place of your own online, starting with a website, and letting people know who you are, what you do, and what you offer. Think of it as your mobile storefront or your online business card. Start small and grow over time: no need to over-engineer or overspend on creating your business’s online presence. 

Website builders can help you get a professional-looking website up and running in a short amount of time, even if you don’t have a big budget or any technical skills. And it will look amazing on a smartphone, not just yours! Once you’ve created your website, you can start looking at using tools like social media, search engine optimisation, and email marketing to help reach new customers and stay in touch with existing ones.  

User Friendliness Is Your Friend  

When creating an online presence for your business, it is important to tailor your customer user experience to be as easy as possible. Create simple drag-drops, make it easy to contact you, and if you are a bigger business, consider having an app that your customers will use to communicate with you. Social media is another great and simple way to interact with your customers and serve them. Most social media apps even allow you to shop from them, and your customers won’t need to visit a website from social media. This digital transformation mission will not only make your business compete on an even bigger scale but will also give you a chance to branch into a new and broader market. 

Final Words  

A digital transformation can be nerve-racking and seem like an impossible task to manage. However, with the right information and resources, it should be easier. There is a dire need for more of South Africa and other African countries’ products to be distributed among different countries in and out of the continent. This transformation will also help small to medium businesses to grow and, in turn, grow the economy. This ripples into everything, and so it means every bit of work counts.