Building houses to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s centenary

The DBSA sponsored the construction of five houses in Orange Farm, with the Bank’s staff assisting with the build process.

The project, which was part of a collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and Habitat for Humanity to mark the celebration by building 100 houses in disadvantaged communities, created a positive and lasting change in the community. The DBSA went the extra mile, not only sponsoring the construction of a superstructure, but adding finishes such as tiles, and installing gutters, water tanks for harvesting rain water as well as sinks and kitchen cabinets, fridges, stoves and microwaves for all five families. The transformative impact was evident in the jubilation and expressed appreciation by the families who received the houses.

The DBSA staff volunteering their labour to support contractors in the CSI sponsored build process that changed the lives of families in Lawley, Orange Farm