Delville Extension 9 Social Housing Project

The DBSA was appointed as an implementing agent for this social housing project as part of the umbrella MoA signed with City of Ekurhuleni in 2015. The project is part of the Germiston Urban Renewal Programme, which aims to develop the urban settlement into sustainable human settlement and Germiston into an administrative capital for the city. The DBSA was responsible for implementing the project, including design, construction and contract management.

The project is managed by the Ekurhuleni Housing Company, a social and rental housing company responsible for scaling up the delivery of social housing. It comprises the construction of 112 rental units, which provide accommodation to low and middle income households.


Project objectives

  • Create development zones within priority precincts identified in the city’s development plans
  • Interventions in housing through project-driven development
  • Phased hierarchy development
  • Focus on flagship/catalytic projects followed by support projects
  • Start with state-owned land and public spaces
  • Development through partnerships
  • Shared facilities – mixed developments, vertically and horizontally.


Development outcomes and measurable impacts

  • 112 units have been completed to meet social and rental housing demand
  • Scaling up delivery of social housing in City of Ekurhuleni by the Ekurhuleni Housing Company.


Lessons learned

  • Regular communication is critical among stakeholders to ensure that everyone has the same understanding and expectations
  • Stakeholder engagement assists people in understanding their roles in the project
  • Public participation was key for the successful delivery of this project. The role of ward councillors and ward committees was vital in relaying critical information to the public, and included use of local labour around the ward.