Central Supplier Database

Registration with Central Supplier Database

Subsequent to the memo issued by the SCM Unit dated 30 March 2016. The SCM Unit hereby informs all suppliers who are currently doing business with the DBSA that they are required to confirm registration with Central Supplier Database (CSD).

The Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO) at National Treasury published Instruction NO 4A of 2016/2017, dated (19 May 2016) instructing all Accounting Officers and Accounting Authorities that the utilisation of Central Supplier Database(CSD) is

The DBSA will not be able to conduct business with unregistered suppliers.

Suppliers are required to submit confirmation of their registration with the National Treasury CSD by submitting copy of their CSD Registration Summary Report to the DBSA prior to commencement of any work with the DBSA.

To REGISTER, please see Central Supplier Database for the South African Government

For enquiries please contact Matthew Nyalungu at scmcompliance@dbsa.org or see the Central Supplier Database Notification and 2 June 2016 Central Supplier Database Notification.