Development Bank Of Southern Africa CEO, Ms Boitumelo Mosako, To Attend The Africa Investment Forum 2023

Johannesburg, 08 November 2023 - Ms Boitumelo Mosako, CEO of the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), is proud to be attending the Africa Investment Forum 2023, representing the DBSA alongside Mr. Mohan Vivekanandan and Mr. Mpho Mokwele. The Africa Investment Forum is a significant platform that plays a pivotal role in advancing the continent's growth agenda by crowding in private and development capital into critical infrastructure projects on the continent.

Ms. Mosako emphasises the importance of the Africa Investment Forum, stating, "Given the significant global pressures we currently face, it has never been more important for Africa to drive its own growth agenda. This is symbolised by initiatives such as the Africa Investment Forum, which serves as a crucial platform for project development and financiers in the continent to showcase flagship transformative projects which will help drive Africa's infrastructure development."

She further highlights the forum's role as a nexus for collaboration, innovation, and strategic partnerships between the private sector and development partners, stressing its vital role in the region's development.

Ms. Mosako also notes, "The DBSA has been a founding partner of AIF, and we have sought to play an important role in supporting this important initiative. As a leading African DFI, our investments in the continent have contributed significantly to the advancement of critical infrastructure, both economic and social, thus uplifting the lives of millions of people. AIF has been one of the important initiatives which have helped accelerate our development impact on the continent."

Regarding the DBSA's expectations from the Market Days at AIF 2023, Ms. Mosako asserts, "At DBSA, our participation at the Africa Investment Forum 2023 is not merely a symbolic gesture; it signifies our unwavering commitment to support transformative development initiatives that will drive infrastructure development and economic growth."

Ms. Mosako emphasises the DBSA's alignment with the themes of agriculture (special economic zones), renewable energy, and manufacturing, with a particular focus on sustainable infrastructure. She notes, "The DBSA plays a strategic role in the AIF initiative as the main representative from Southern Africa, thus seeking to not only advance projects from South Africa, but also from the broader SADC region. We are looking forward to showcasing projects this year in the renewable energy space, Municipal/Cities financing as well as port infrastructure."

In closing, Ms. Mosako expresses her optimism for the event, saying, "We envisage that the Market Days will provide an opportunity for us to present these projects and secure the much-needed financial investment to take these projects into implementation. Further, we also look forward to engaging with our development partners and other investors on their projects, and trust that there will be investable opportunities of common interest where the DBSA can play a role in meeting any financing gaps."

The DBSA is committed to contributing to the development and growth of Africa through its participation in the Africa Investment Forum and remains dedicated to fostering transformative development initiatives.


About the Development Bank of Southern Africa

The DBSA is a leading Development Finance Institution (DFI), wholly owned by the government of South Africa. Established in 1983, the DBSA is mandated to promote economic growth and regional integration by mobilising financial and other resources from national and international private and public sectors for sustainable development projects and programmes in South Africa, SADC, and the wider African continent.

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