The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) to onboard a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as incumbent’s tenure comes to an end

Johannesburg, 16 February 2023. The DBSA has received approval to appoint Ms. Boitumelo Mosako as the next CEO of the Bank. The incumbent Mr. Patrick Dlamini’s term comes to an end and his last day in office will be 31 March 2023.

Mr. Dlamini has been at the helm of the institution since September 2012, and his exemplary service delivered stability, strength, and sustainable growth to the Bank, and the country.

Speaking on his tenure, the Chairman of the DBSA Board, Prof. Mark Swilling said, “Mr. Dlamini had an impact on every single person at the DBSA. The conviction with which he led the Bank over the last decade, and the institutional credibility he assisted bolster is one for the books. And indeed, he did not do this alone, it was all possible with the support of a capable team of executives, divisional heads, managers, practitioners and experts, and administration.”

The Board identified Ms. Mosako, who is currently the Chief Financial Officer of the Bank, from a pool of competent candidates. She has played a critical role in propelling the Bank to new heights in her current role. Following Cabinet’s approval of the recommendation to appoint her, the Board will, with oversight from the Shareholder, manage the appointment and assumption of office.

Speaking on this development, Prof. Swilling said, “This is an admirable feat for the Bank, she is the first black woman to be recommended for this role, and we are proud that this move happened from within the Bank. It is really testament to the strength of the institution, as a sanctuary for development practitioners, and we will rally behind her as she assumes her new role and meets all its critical demands.”

The appointment process will be finalised over the next several weeks, with further details to follow.

During this transitionary period, the entire team at the DBSA will continue delivering on the mandate of the Bank. Expressly, to promote inclusive economic growth through sustainable infrastructure development and contributing towards Building Africa’s Prosperity.


About the Development Bank of Southern Africa

About the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) - The DBSA is a leading Development Finance Institution (DFI), wholly owned by the government of South Africa. Established in 1983, the DBSA is mandated to promote economic growth and regional integration by mobilising financial and other resources from national and international private and public sectors for sustainable development projects and programmes in South Africa, SADC, and the wider African continent.

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