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Refurbishment and upgrade of Parys Correctional Facility

Within the Department of Justice and Correctional Services (DJCS) portfolio, the DBSA has been tasked with the refurbishment and upgrade of the Parys Correctional Facility.


In 2016, the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) appointed the DBSA to serve as one of its implementing agents to support the Department in delivering infrastructure programmes under its portfolio.  

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This year, the DBSA has been involved in approximately 47 projects, including courts, correctional facilities, police stations and military defence bases.  Within the Department of Justice and Correctional Services (DJCS) portfolio, the DBSA has been tasked with the refurbishment and upgrade of the Parys Correctional Facility. With the refurbishment of the Parys Correctional Facility, the Department aims to ensure that all sentenced offenders are incarcerated in safe, secure and humane facilities and are provided with healthcare and effective rehabilitation programmes in line with their correctional sentence plan to enable their successful reintegration into society after their lawful release.

The DBSA started implementation in February 2019, with a budget of R282 million. The project is estimated to be completed in June 2022 with cumulative expenditure at the end of the year under review amounting to R80 million. The project involves the construction of a new 254-bed correctional facility which includes health care rooms, a kitchen, training centre, recreational areas, sports facilities and new fencing. It also encompasses the conversion of the existing correctional facility into a security command centre with a new administrative office block. 


bed newly built facility.


SMMEs appointed.


employment opportunities created.

Sustainability impact

Upon completion, the project will deliver a facility that will provide an environment for humane incarceration and rehabilitation of offenders. The conversion of the existing facility to a security command centre and administration block will contribute to effective security surveillance and administration infrastructure. 

The project has also contributed towards the Department’s objective of social reintegration to society. The Department realised this contribution by accepting the appointment of one former inmate as part of the project labour force. The contractor appointed him upon his release and is being reskilled and afforded an opportunity to earn a living and serve as a beacon of hope and source of inspiration for other offenders.  

Apart from the long-term impact of the infrastructure to be delivered, the project contributes to development impact in the area through the creation of employment opportunities and stimulating local manufacturing and procurement. The project has appointed 17 SMMEs and created a total of 184 employment opportunities, of which 104 were afforded to the youth and 20 to adult females. Amongst the 104 youth, 60 are females and part of the Expanded Public Works Programme.