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African Environmental Assessment Legislation Handbook: Consultation Draft

AEALH cover image

Chapter 0: Consultation Draft African Environmental Assessment Legislation Handbook
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2:  The Development Bank of Southern Africa: Environmental and Social Safeguard Standards
Chapter 3a: Angola (Portuguese)
Chapter 3b: Angola (English)
Chapter 4: Botswana
Chapter 5: Burundi
Chapter 6a: Comoros (French)
Chapter 6b: Comoros (English)
Chapter 7a: Cote d'Ivoire (French)
Chapter 7b: Cote d'Ivoire (English)
Chapter 8a: DRC  (French)
Chapter 8b: DRC (English)
Chapter 9: Eswatini
Chapter 10: Ethiopia
Chapter 11: Ghana
Chapter 12: Kenya
Chapter 13: Lesotho
Chapter 14: Madagascar
Chapter 15: Malawi
Chapter 16: Mauritius
Chapter 17a: Mozambique (Portuguese)
Chapter 17b: Mozambique (English)
Chapter 18: Namibia
Chapter 19: Nigeria
Chapter 20: Rwanda
Chapter 21a: Senegal (French)
Chapter 21b: Senegal (English)
Chapter 22: Seychelles
Chapter 23: South Africa
Chapter 24: Tanzania
Chapter 25: Uganda
Chapter 26: Zambia
Chapter 27: Zanzibar
Chapter 28: Zimbabwe