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collapse Category : Catalyzing Operations and Maintenance ‎(9)
2010_08_17 State_of_Infrastructure_Society.pdf
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NC W and S_Content_Fwk_DBSA_DWA_Draft_19Sept2010.pdf
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collapse Category : DBSA Policy Briefs ‎(6)
Policy Brief No. 1 Delivering a democratic developmental state in South Africa.pdf
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Policy Brief No. 2 The role of South African DFIs in regional infrastructure development in Africa.pdf
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Policy Brief No. 3 The role of South Africa’s state-owned development finance institutions (DFIs) in building a democratic.pdf
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Policy Brief No. 4 South Africa’s national interest and BRICS - Towards bandwagoning or balancing.pdf
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Policy Brief No. 5 Regional approaches to food and water security in the face of climate challenges - A practical approach.pdf
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Policy Brief No. 6 An African Diaspora Bond for infrastructure development - Lessons learnt from India, Israel and Islamic.pdf
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collapse Category : Development Conversations ‎(1)
Project Preparation Challenges.pdf
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collapse Category : Development Dialogues ‎(7)
Addressing Barriers to SADC Infrastructure Development.pdf
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Human Settlements in relation to the National Infrastructure Plan.pdf
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Implementation challenges.pdf
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Lessons in Integrated Infrastructure Planning.pdf
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Mobilising private sector investment.pdf
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The value of South-South knowledge exchange.pdf
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Youth Employment Strategies for South Africa.pdf
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collapse Category : Developmental State, Governance and Planning ‎(6)
Comparative development planning by William Gumede.pdf
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Delivering the democratic developmental state in South Africa by William Gumede.pdf
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Governance and Social Policy in the SADC Region -  An issues analysis by Siphamandla Zondi.pdf
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Politics, state and society in Southern Africa - Between leadership, trust and technocrats by Ebrahim Fakir.pdf
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Review of strategic planning practices that may be applied by the SA NPC by Andrew Paterson.pdf
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University governance and the knowledge economy -  Reconditioning the engine of development by Thandwa Mthembu.pdf
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collapse Category : DFI Climate Finance Documents ‎(6)
AFD@DFI side event COP17 04_12_11.pdf
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COP17 DFI Workshop Climate finance @ national level by Chantal Naidoo.pdf
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CPI Climate Finance Landscape Slide by B Buchner.pdf
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CPI Landscape of Climate Finance.pdf
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DFI submission  to GCF September 2011.pdf
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Side-Event-information- DevelopmentFinanceInstitutions-04122011.pdf
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collapse Category : Education ‎(7)
Academic development for improved efficiency in the higher education and training system in South Africa by Chrissie Boug.pdf
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An overview of the demand for skills for an inclusive growth path by Haroon Bhorat and Elné Jacobs.pdf
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Improving quality and expanding the further education and training college system to meet the need for an inclusive growt.pdf
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Skills for an inclusive growth path Towards a long-term strategy for higher education and training.pdf
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The challenges of transformation in higher education and training institutions in South Africa by Saleem Badat.pdf
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Thinking out the box by thinking in the box- Considering skills development- Challenges and recommendations by Carmel.pdf
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Transformation in higher education- A briefing paper by Crain Soudien.pdf
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collapse Category : Environmental Appraisal Documents ‎(5)
DBSA Environmental and Social Safeguard Standards Report 09032018.pdf
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DBSA Project Grievance Procedure September.pdf
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DBSA_Social and Institutional Guidelines Summary_2014.pdf
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Revised ESS Framework_CFF 21052018.pdf
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collapse Category : General ‎(51)
Accomplishments and challenges for partnerships in development in the transformation of social security in South Africa.pdf
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An investigaion into the implementation of enterprise resource planning by South African ICT operators.pdf
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Assessing local economic development and social welfare benefits in a global context.pdf
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Best Practise Dams.pdf
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Brushing against the grains of history - Making local economic development work in South Africa by Sinazo Sibisi.pdf
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Building education beyond crisis.pdf
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Combating AIDS_Health roadmap_input paper.pdf
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DBSA Code of Ethics signed 2011.pdf
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DBSA Development Report 2011.pdf
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DBSA State of SAs Economic Infrastructure Report 2012.pdf
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De Soto Colloquium FINAL.pdf
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Development Finance Agenda-Tshepo Ntsimane.pdf
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Diagnostic_input paper_health roadmap.pdf
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Digital convergence and its economic implications.pdf
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education_10 point plan_131108.pdf
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Enterprise Development Unpacked a tool for prosperity by Ingrid Verwey.pdf
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Environmental implications of the road network in South Africa.pdf
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Financing municipal infrastructure in developing countries and the need for utility engineers to learn new skills.pdf
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Green Jobs - An estimate of the direct employment potential of a greening South African economy.pdf
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Greening Infrastructure.pdf
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Health Roadmap.pdf
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Infrastructure Barometer 2006.pdf
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Infrastructure Barometer 2012- Challenges and Opportunities in Infrastructure Delivery since Democracy.pdf
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Infrastructure Barometer 2012.pdf
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Infrastructure Inputs Monitoring Project Report 04 May 2012.pdf
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Internal Control Policy.pdf
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Knowledge Week 2010 -South African Human Settlements 2030.pdf
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Linkages between formal and informal financial institutions in extending financial service to tne poor.pdf
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Making Local Government Work Better_Knowledge Week 2009 Paper and Presentations.pdf
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Municipal health services in South Africa Opportunities and challenges.pdf
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Participatory institutional assessment for enhanced service delivery.pdf
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Policy initiatives to expand financial outreach in South Africa 30 May 2006.pdf
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Poverty and inequality in South Africa Policy considerations in an emerging democracy.pdf
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Private sector participation in municipal water supply and sanitation services May 1997.pdf
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Project finance and obtaining sufficient funding for the successful completion of your project.pdf
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Public private partnerships PPPs and their implications for jobs and employment.pdf
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Report on Trends in Passenger Transport in South Africa.pdf
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SADC Handbook.pdf
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South Africa Nutrition_ input paper_roadmap.pdf
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State of economic infrastructure 2012.pdf
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The Municipal Infrastructure Investment Framework (MIIF 7) for South Africa.pdf
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Training in innovation and corporate entrepreneurship at the Development Bank of Southern Africa.pdf
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Urban food security in SA- Case study of Cape Town_Msunduzi _Johannesburg by Jane Battersby-Lennard et al.pdf
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Women entrepreneurs in construction and their experiences of the business process and managing growth.pdf
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Working Paper Series 1 (Governance).pdf
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Working Paper Series 2 (LED).pdf
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collapse Category : Knowledge Week 2010: Human Settlements ‎(22)
Afesis corplan MLS DBSA 2010 oct (c).pdf
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Banking perspective 22 Oct 2010.ppt_Andre Kruger.pdf
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dbsa sptl plnn cnf 19-21 october 2010_Catherine Cross.pdf
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Human settlements vHuyssteen Oranje.pdf
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KM week Green building Rocket Science or not 2010 Fin.pdf
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Knowledge Week 2010_Final Report.pdf
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Knowledge Week Draft Program_8 October 2010.pdf
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Knowledge Week Invitation_8 October 2010.pdf
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Knowledge week theme feedback 22 October 2010.ppt_Environmental and Risk Disaster Considerations.pdf
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Making Local Government Work Better Knowledge Week 2009.pdf
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MDL profile architecture DBSA .ppt_Mokena Makeka.pdf
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Migration Trends in Southern Africa.pdf
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NPC Presentation.pdf
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Presentation to DBSA Knowledge Week - Elroy Africa.ppt_COGTA.pdf
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Presentation-DBSA-20101021.ppt_Municipal Demarcation Board.pdf
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Ravi_Human Settlements_Introduction.pdf
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Ravi_Human Settlements_Introduction_20.10.2010.pdf
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Regional Planning  Sustainability Responses v5_Camaren Peter.pdf
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Short Bio.pdf
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SHS Institutional- DBSA knowledge week- Oct 2010.ppt_SAPI.pdf
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SPI_21Oct2010.ppt_Rural Development.pdf
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Urban-Rural Dichotomy_PLAAS_ ALIBER NEVES DU_TOIT.pdf
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collapse Category : Knowledge Week 2011: Greening Infrastructure Programmes ‎(31)
111013-Transnet - DBSA Greening Infra (Final) (2).pdf
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Buildings Key Considerations by J Gibberd Green.pdf
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CE speech KW 2011 deliverd by P Baloyi.pdf
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Eco_economy  Infrastructure by L van Wykf.pdf
3187 KB
Ecological Infrastructure by J Manuel.pdf
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Ecosystems as Infrastructure by T Abrahamse.pdf
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Educational Buildings by F Prof Iain Low.pdf
5385 KB
Green Buildings and Greening Infrastructure by R Milford.pdf
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Green Infrastructure - KB ICLEI Oct 2011 DBSA event.pdf
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Greening Infrastructure from an Engineering Perspective by J Ptak and M Uken.pdf
2333 KB
Greening Infrastructure Programmes by Geoff Abbott.pdf
4837 KB
Greening SA infrastructure Critical considerations by Judy Beaumont.pdf
1273 KB
Impact of Urban Form on the Green Economy by Maria Joe Coetzee pdf.pdf
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Infrastructure Inputs Monitoring Project by Z Rustomjee.pdf
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Integrated Infrastructure Planning by W Gumede.pdf
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Jozi Transport goes green by N Qobolo.pdf
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Key issues arising from day one Day One summary.pdf
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Keynote Speech by L Agbemabiese.pdf
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Mainstreaming Watershed Services by Christo Marais.pdf
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Natural Resource Management Programme by D Soginga.pdf
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Non-motorised Transport by K Labuschagne.pdf
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Nuwejaars Wetlands by R Kruger.pdf
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Opening speech KW 2011 delivered by R Naidoo.pdf
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SARi - South African Renewables Initiative.pdf
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Speech by Malusi Gigaba MP at DBSA Knowledge Week on 13 October 2011.pdf
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The Greening of infrastructure and socio-economic development by Rudi Dicks Naledi.pdf
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The Roles of Standards in Greening Infrastructure by S Bissoon.pdf
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Transnet - by S Lund .pdf
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