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Welcome to the DBSA Procurement site. The Supply Chain Management Unit acts as the key link between internal customers and external vendors who supply products and services to the DBSA.


The Procurement Unit provides efficient service to departments in the procurement of goods and services that are of best value from responsible vendors. It is Procurements responsibility to handle all aspects of the procurement process, including identifying and developing sources; assisting departments in developing specifications; soliciting bids, quotations and proposals; negotiating contracts; and interacting with vendors

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Date Published  

Closing Date and Time

​RFP 072/2019: Service Provider for Advertising, Media Platform Selection and Buying
No briefing session
​2019/03/20 ​2019/04/15 at 11H00
​RFP 070/2019: Request for Proposal for the Design of the DBSA Internet Website
Compulsory briefing session: 28 March 2019, at DBSA
​2019/03/20 ​2019/04/10 at 11H00
​RFP 071/2019: Provision of Internal and External Newsletter
Compulsory briefing session: 4 April 2019, at DBSA
​2019/03/20 ​2019/04/12 at 11H00
​RFP 049/2019: Audit of the Effectiveness of the Compliance Function in the DBSA
No briefing session
​2019/03/08 ​2019/03/29 at 11H00
​RFP 048/2019: Audit of the Effectiveness of the Risk Management Function in the DBSA
No briefing session
​2019/03/08 ​2019/03/29 at 11H00
​RFP 051/2019: Compilation of the DBSA’s Three Year Integrated Annual Report
Non-compulsory briefing session:  18 March, at DBSA
​2019/03/08 ​2019/03/29 at 11H00
​RFP 126/2018: Construction of Ethandakukhanya Community Health Centre (CHC), Mpumalanga
Compulsory briefing session: 19 March 2019, at  Ethandakukhanya CHC
​2019/03/08 ​2019/03/29 at 11H00
​RFP 128/2018: Construction of Balfour Community Health Centre at Balfour, Mpumalanga Province
Compulsory briefing session: 18 March 2019, at Balfour
​2019/03/08 ​2019/03/29 at 11H00
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