Suppliers interested in working with the DBSA are required to self-register on the Central Supplier Database
COVID - 19 UPDATE: Tender submission update
Due to the rapid spread of COVID – 19 and following on from President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement declaring the pandemic a national disaster, the DBSA is introducing the following precautionary measures in relation to submissions of Tender documents.
a. Bidders that wish to submit a tender response must send an email to TENDERS@DBSA.ORG indicating their participation
b. Bidders will thereafter receive a OneDrive Link to submit / upload their tender documents electronically
a. Prior to entering the DBSA premises, the representative delivering the submission may be subjected to heat scanning. The DBSA reserves the right to deny entry should the reading be deemed above normal.
b. There will be NO signing off on the SCM records register during this period. This is to avoid physical contact.
c. Physical documentation that is received will be kept in isolation for a period of 4 days post tender closing.

Extension of tender closing dates
Following the President’s announcement on the 23rd of March 2020, on the escalation of measures to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, the DBSA has taken a decision to close all tenders, currently published during the lockdown period, on the 24th of April 2020.
You are requested regularly visit the DBSA Website should there be any further updates and communications.
Date Published  
Closing Date and Time
​RFQ 033/2020: Finance Function Effectiveness Review Amended
No briefing session
​2020/08/11 2020/08/18 at 23H55


Date Published  

Closing Date and Time

​RFP 076/2020: The Provision of Laundry Services at DBSA for a Period of Three Years
No briefing session
​2020/08/07 ​2020/09/04 at 23H55
​RFP 137/2020: Transaction Advisory Services for a Technical Economic Financial Institutional and Legal Assessment for the Modernisation of the Mpulungu Port in Zambia
Non-compulsory briefing session: 17 August 2020 @11H00, via Microsoft teams
​2020/08/04 ​2020/08/31 at 23H55
​RFP 080/2020: Professional Service Provider (PSP) to Support Greater Letaba Local Municipality (GLM) with the Finalisation of the Township Establishment Process on Portion 15 of The Farm Vrystaat 437-LT
Addendum 01
No briefing session
​2020/08/04 2020/08/25 at 23H55
​RFP 141/2020: Appointment of OEM’s for the Supply and Delivery Of Water Tankers with 3 Years Maintenance PlanOnly for OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
Addendum 01

No briefing session
​2020/07/30 2020/08/13 at 23H55
​RFP 136/2020: National Water Reuse Programme – Programme Design and Preparation of a Full Funding Proposal to the Green Climate Fund (GCF)
Non-compulsory briefing session: 6 August 2020 @11H00, via Microsoft teams
​2020/07/28 ​2020/08/18 at 23H55
​RFP 075/2020: The Provision of Hygiene Services at DBSA
Addendum 01
No briefing session
​2020/07/28 ​2020/08/25 at 11H00
​RFP 134/2020: Private Sector Participation (PSP) Model – Detailed Financial Model
Non-compulsory briefing session: 31 July 2020 @11H00, via Microsoft teams
​2020/07/23 ​2020/08/12 at 23H55

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