Monitoring & Evaluation
Monitoring & Evaluation



Monitoring and Evaluation

The IGRM through the monitoring and evaluation committee will monitor the implementation of:

·         Agreements concluded through problem solving and compliance review processes;

·         Final remedial action plans; and

·         Decisions of the IGRM and the recommendations of the Chairperson in relation to grievances or complaints.

The monitoring time frame shall be project or programme specific, and unless extended by the IGRM, will not exceed three (3) years.

The methods for monitoring may include:

·         Consultations with the complainant and other stakeholders;

·         Review of documents;

·         Obtaining expert opinions; and

·         Site visits.

When the DBSA IGRM monitors the implementation of agreements it will do so in consultation with the relevant parties involved. Unless the IGRM Chairperson or IGRM Committee specifies a different timeline, the Monitoring and Evaluations team will submit monitoring reports to the IGRM Committee annually and shall make these public through the IGRM website within five (5) calendar days post submission to the Committee. The IGRM will make a draft of the monitoring report available to the parties to the agreement, giving them a reasonable time to provide comments, prior to submitting monitoring report for publishing to the Chairperson of the IGRM Committee.

At the conclusion of the monitoring period, the last monitoring report submitted by the DBSA IGRM will bring the problem solving or compliance review process as the case may be to an end.


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