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The compliance review process is aimed at investigating grievances pertaining to alleged breach or deviation from legislation, policies, procedures or Project terms.  The Chairperson determines eligibility of grievance for compliance review within 20 (twenty) working days of acknowledgment of the grievance.  Once the Chairperson approves the compliance review, the IGRM Committee will prepare the terms of reference for the Compliance Review.  The Compliance Review Panel will undertake the compliance review.  The decision of the Chairperson to refer the grievance for compliance review shall be  promptly communicated to the APs and any other interested person. Subject to the confidentiality agreement reached with the AP, a summary of the decision and the recommendation following the compliance review may be published on the IGRM portal of the DBSA‘s website.

The Compliance Review Panel conducts Compliance Review in accordance with the terms of reference and time-frame agreed with the Chairperson. The Compliance Review Panel may:

  • Solicit additional oral or written information from, or hold meetings with the requestors and any interested party;
  • Undertake site visits to the Project(s) in issue;
  • Appoint independent experts  to provide advice or assist with the investigation of specific issues.

After completing its investigations, the Compliance Review Panel shall within 30 days write the Compliance Review report containing the panel’s findings and recommendations and circulate it to the DBSA governance structures responsible for approving projects for review and comments on factual matters only. The DBSA governance structures responsible for approving projects shall submit its comments to IGRM within twenty-one (21) business days from the date of receipt of the draft report from IGRM; and upon receipt of comments from the DBSA governance structures responsible for approving projects, the panel shall finalize its report. The Compliance Reports must include details of the finding and may include recommendations for  inter alia:

  • Any remedial change in the scope or implementation of the Bank financed project;
  • Any remedial change to systems or procedures of the Bank to avoid a recurrence of similar non-compliance which resulted in complaints about harm; and
  • Any further steps to be undertaken to monitor the implementation of the remedial action plans referred to above.

The Compliance Report shall be provided to the Chairperson. Upon receipt of the Compliance Review Report by the Chairperson of the IGRM, the Chairperson prepares a response to the AP, summarizing the findings.  Where appropriate the IGRM Committee shall develop an action plan based on the findings of the Compliance Review Panel. 

The Compliance Review Panel may not recommend the award of compensation or any other benefits to the APs or any other person, entity or government.